Who is the Master of Lineage (Who is God)?

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"Sant Kabir", Bhagat Kabir", or should He be called "Supreme God Kabir?"

Whichever pious souls attained God, they told that the Master of the lineage is One. He has a human-like visible body consisting of light. The light of whose one hair follicle is more than the combined light of crore suns and crore moons. He only has acquired various forms. The real name of God in different native languages is KavirDev (in Sanskrit language in the Vedas), Hakka Kabir (in regional language in Guru Granth Sahib on page no. 721), Sat Kabir (in native language in Shri Dharmdas Ji’s speech), Bandichhor Kabir (in native language in SadGranth of Sant Garibdas Ji), Kabira, Kabiran and Khabira or Khabiran (in regional Arabic language in Shri Quran Sharif Surat Furqani no. 25, Aayat no. 19, 21, 52, 58, 59).This Purna Parmatma’'s synonymous / similar names are Anami Purush, Agam Purush, Alakh Purush, SatPurush, Akaal Moorti, Shabd Swaroopi Ram, Purna Brahm, Param Akshar Brahm etc.

Kabir Sahib's Vani (Speech)

अविगत से चल आए, कोई मेरा भेद मर्म नहीं पाया। (टेक)

न मेरा जन्म न गर्भ बसेरा, बालक हो दिखलाया।
काशी नगर जल कमल पर डेरा, वहाँ जुलाहे ने पाया।।
मात-पिता मेरे कुछ नाहीं, ना मेरे घर दासी(पत्नी)।
जुलहा का सुत आन कहाया, जगत करें मेरी हाँसी।।

पाँच तत्व का धड़ नहीं मेरा, जानुं ज्ञान अपारा।
सत्य स्वरूपी (वास्तविक) नाम साहेब(पूर्ण प्रभु) का सोई नाम हमारा।।

अधर द्वीप (ऊपर सत्यलोक में) गगन गुफा में तहां निज वस्तु सारा।
ज्योत स्वरूपी अलख निरंजन(ब्रह्म) भी धरता ध्यान हमारा।।

हाड़ चाम लहु ना मेरे कोई जाने सत्यनाम उपासी।
तारन तरन अभय पद दाता, मैं हूँ कबीर अविनाशी।।

In the above-mentioned hymn (shabd), Kabir Parmeshwar is saying that neither I have any wife, nor I have a body made up of the five elements (a body made up of bones-flesh-blood i.e. made up of combination of vessels), I am Swayambhu (self-existent) and myself appearing on a flower of lotus in the water of the pond named Lahar Tara in City Kaashi, had made a child’s form. A weaver named Neeru took me from there. I have the same name which is the actual name of Parmeshwar i.e mine (KavirDev in Vedas, Hakka Kabir in Guru Granth Sahib and Allah Kabiran in Quran Sharif). I live in Ritdhaam (Satlok) above and your God Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm) also worships me.
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